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    5 Inspirational podcasts to supercharge your life

    Listening to inspirational podcasts is life-changing. If you have not Podcasts are easy to listen to wherever you are but fully loaded with practical tips and strategies on a wide range of topics that help you transform your life. All you need are a cell phone and headphones like these so you can listen anywhere. So, if you have a personal development plan, one of the best things you can do is to add a few podcasts to it. While you can listen to podcasts for fun if you want to harness podcasts to improve your life you have to be intentional about your choice of podcasts. This post contains…

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    How to raise kids to make a difference in the world

    Is family volunteering essential today?  Social problems like homelessness, poverty, hunger, and unemployment have increased and are continuing to increase. So there is a desperate need now more than ever before for a culture of volunteerism to be built in all communities. I know what’s going through your mind. Life is busy – work deadlines, soccer games, household chores, grocery shopping, laundry  …  how will you ever find the time to volunteer? Well, ONE good reason to open your mind to family volunteering is that it will accelerate the personal growth of your family almost overnight. What is family volunteering It means starting a family project where you give your…

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    7 Practical Wellness Tips for Insanely Busy Bloggers

    Wellness tips are essential for bloggers to stay healthy and be productive. Do you use wellness tips to ensure your physical wellbeing? Or is your blog making you sick? Do you jeopardize your health when your work on your blog? There is a great deal of advice to help bloggers succeed. Tombs live online on how to start a blog, tips to improve your productivity, tactics to do SEO the right way….. But there’s a serious lack of guidance on the health risks that go hand in hand with blogging. Having your own blog is like a dream come true, isn’t it? You can hardly believe that you’re earning money…

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    Family,  Family and Parenting


    Admit it-you’re desperate for some genuine mom friends. You love your kids but damn it, being with then 24/7 is driving you insane. You need what only real mom friends can give you. WHY YOU NEED NEW MOM FRIENDS Your old mates have vanished now that you are a stay at home mom. They’re still the career girls who are free to meet for drinks after work. You’re hardly able to join them even if they bother to invite you. The thing is they’ve moved on and so have you. They’re simply unable to relate to you as a mommy and what’s more, they don’t think you’re as fun as…