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    7 Super Fun Ways to Exercise at Home as Family

    Are you desperate for fun ways to exercise at home with your family? If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling ‘stir crazy’ right now. According to Idioms by The Free Dictionary, ‘stir crazy’ means: To become acutely anxious, restless, irritable, irrational, and/or depressed from remaining for too long in an unstimulating, confined, and/or isolated environment. Maybe, you feel as if you’re trapped in the epicenter of an active volcano named TEENAGERS and they’re showing all of the above emotions.s maybe: Sibling fights Crabbiness and whining ( yes, even from teens) Frustration and anger Anxiety and depression Could your teenager be suffering from the itch to get rid of excess energy?…

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    15 Budget Friendly Meals your Family will Absolutely Love

    Are you armed with an arsenal of recipes for budget friendly meals? What you need in lean economic times is a batch of recipes that use pantry staples but taste delicious so so that you can keep your family fed. I did the heavy lifting for you and sourced 15 delicious recipes that will soon become firm family favorites. I selected the recipes based on the following criteria. They had to be: affordable use pantry staples quick and easy to make ready in 30 minutes or less Checkout 10 Stupidly Simple Ways to Save Money on Food for practical tips on how to shop smart for groceries. The recipes have…

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    Personal Growth

    25 Inspirational Quotes for Strength in Challenging Times (Updated 2020)

    Who would have thought that the whole world would stand united in the fight against a silent, invasive giant killer? Fear and uncertainty threaten us daily so can uplifting quotes really boost you when times are tough?  How do you cope when life hurls you through a tough time over and over again? You want to call a timeout mentally and emotionally just for a little while. Your sole aim is to retreat, regroup and return to life recharged and ready to cope with any challenge. I live with a chronic illness so I have some really tough days. One of my go-to secrets is to seek comfort in my…

    Family and Parenting

    Best Life Advice from Mom : 15 Bloggers Honor the Wisdom of their Moms

    Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year is almost impossible. One way to honor her on this special day is to recall the best life advice your mom ever gave you. Have you ever wondered what your mom’s DNA would reveal? Perhaps immeasurable values such as: –   love –   wisdom –   kindness –   sacrifice –   generosity –   courage The hallmark traits of Superman, Batman, and every other superhero rolled into one. Qualities shown in moments of crisis where strength of character and superhuman coping skills are needed. Sadly, there is the misconception that you can quantify the love you feel for your mother. Let me make my view…