• knitting -great way to relieve stress

    5 Unconventional ways to relieve stress and enjoy life (No yoga or meditation)

    Are you haunting Google for simple ways to relieve stress ? Do you feel like you’re an out of control car hurtling down a winding mountain road? You’re headed for an epic crash but the brakes won’t work. Are you desperate enough to do what it takes to avoid it?    You know you need to manage your stress better. But when you’re short of money and free time, the usual girls night out or spa day with your BFF, is not an option.But what if you could find fun stress relieving activities that do not cost you a ton of money that you can easily do at home?  …

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    Personal Growth

    25 Inspirational Quotes for Strength in Challenging Times (Updated 2020)

    Can uplifting quotes really boost you when times are tough?  Who would have thought that the whole world would stand united in the fight against a silent, invasive giant killer? Fear and uncertainty threaten us daily so  how do you cope when life hurls you through a tough time over and over again? You want to call a timeout mentally and emotionally just for a little while. I created a super easy way for you to calm down when panic strikes and threatens to overwhelm you. Look out  for the special signup form below. Your sole aim is to retreat, regroup and return to life recharged and ready to cope…

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    10 Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes for a Healthy Start to the Day

    Easy fruit smoothie recipes all busy moms need to give their families a healthy start   If you have picky eaters, these fresh fruit smoothie recipes are a winner. Loaded with fruit with immune boosting properties, your kids will absolutely love them. The best part is that they can be served as afternoon snacks and are so rich and creamy, you can easily use them as desserts.   Here’s the perfect morning solution for all busy families. So easy your kids can make them.   But, you may be wondering why there’s so much hype about smoothies. Here are a few reasons for their increasing popularity: Easy to make Can…

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    50 Simple Self Care Habits for a Happy and Healthy Life

    Do you have a list of self care habits that you practice regularly?    If you’re a single mom tottering at the very edge of a cliff more often than you admit, you, my friend, are at risk of burnout.   The only cure is to create a toolkit of self care habits that you practice daily.   Mom burnout is not fun.Trust me on that. I was forced to spend a long time in hospital coping with ‘burnout’. See, at the time I was infected with the ‘supermom’ virus even though I had a chronic illness.   So, if you are showing symptoms of this virus, you need to…