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    Internet safety tips your family absolutely needs now

    Awesome internet safety tips that actually work  Do you have a list of internet safety tips which your family follows? Remember when you taught your kids to cross the street? Look right, look left, look right again and only if the road was clear to cross. If you’re like me, you probably made your kids recite your instructions until they became a chant. Raising children in this digital era requires the same parenting patience and diligence to teach them how to stay safe online. I’m sure your kids have taken to tech (be they tablets or cellphones) like ants to sugar. Look at the evidence from the 2018 Pew Center…

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    How to select the most unique birthday gifts for loved ones

    Brilliant birthday gifts your family will cherish Unique birthday gifts for family are often the cause of much stress and anxiety. You may have to buy a gift for a fussy aunt you see every Christmas or a cousin who has just started a blog and you find yourself clueless about what to get them. The pressure is because of the unconditional love, loyalty, and support your extended family gives you even if you do not see them often. Your family, be they siblings, cousins, or grandparents cushion you with their loving support during life’s curveballs and join you to celebrate your victories too. So unique birthday gifts for family…

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    40 Super Fun Activities for an Awesome Summer

    Summer bucket list ideas are an essential investment. They are powerful tools especially if you’ve enlisted your family and created a family bucket list. You can use it to plan exciting summer activities to make memories with your family.  Shilagh Mirgain of the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Medicine and Public Health says : everyone should have a bucket list….keeping a bucket list helps us remember what is truly important regarding our own sense of self-fulfillment. Here’s the thing. It’s time to start ticking off items from your summer bucket list.  It’s summer and time to have some fun. Why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and make…