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    6 Awesome Communication Tips to get your Teen to Open up to You

    Are you desperate for communication tips to get your moody teen to talk to you? Is there an impenetrable wall of silence between you and your teen? You find that every question gets a grunt in response or is ignored totally. Why not take a good look at how you talk to your teen?  Maybe you’re asking the wrong questions. Questions that make him rush to his bedroom and shut the door on you. Don’t despair. He needs you now more than ever before. But you need to have a plan to foster open communication between you and your teen. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may…

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    Essential teenage stress management tips you need to know

    Many adults believe there is no such thing as teenage stress. They think that teens have it easy – no mortgage or bills to pay, or being forced to work at a job they hate because so many lives depend on it. All teenagers have to do is have fun online chatting with their friends, go to school, do their homework play a little sport and hang out with their friends after school, right? Dead wrong. Check out this YouTube video which shows you exactly why teens can claim to out stress adults   Another point in the teen stress camp is the results of a poll carried out by…

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    Parenting teenagers is really hard. There are constant conflicts and bad attitude which turn your home into a battlefield. But don’t despair, there are awesome parenting blogs which are loaded with helpful parenting tips. I know you’ve often thought, ‘ I can’t wait for him to go to college.’  End of stress and peace and quiet will reign at last. Until you realize that you have 3 more teenagers to raise. But you’ve now reached a point where you need to learn a few parenting skills to effectively tackle all the drama that comes with  teenagers. Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to cut your teen’s mouthiness…

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    Have you been feeling stressed lately? Maybe a bit anxious over the stress your teen is dealing with about the coming evaluations at school? These meditation techniques for beginners are just what you need. Regardless of whether you are the stressed-out parent of a teen (or let’s face it, any aged child), or you are that stressed out teen, it isn’t healthy to be stressed. I am so pleased to have a guest post by Anna of Abrazo and Coze. She offers solutions to take the stress out of family life. In the teenage years, negative stress can have long term adverse effects for an individual, so it’s especially important for…