• lemon and cranberry fruit drinks

    13 Fizzy Easy Mocktails to Add Pizzaz to your Next Party

    Why not serve one of these easy mocktails at your next party? Exotic, colorful drinks in tall glasses decorated with slices of lemon or a mini umbrella are sure to be a winner the next time you entertain. I have a special treat of 13 surprisingly easy mocktail recipes. Super simple to make and guaranteed to adds zing and zest to any celebration. What are mocktails? According to escoffier.edu: A mocktail can best be described as a cocktail without the liquor, using juices, sodas, infused waters and many other non-alcoholic ingredients to provide flavor. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use…

  • Self care routine for the summer has to include fruit like pineapple and a bag with sun protection products

    Why a Self Care Routine is Essential for an Amazing Summer

    Do you have a self-care routine for the summer? Well, summer’s here and you’re ready to cast off the winter gloom with super fun activities. Especially when you think of the awful, long, miserable winter. But as fun, as it is to laze about in the sun, the summer sun can have a brutal effect on your skin and hair. Even your diet suffers as you throw your sensible eating plan out and savor creamy ice creams and chilled fizzy drinks.

  • My personal blog| How it enriched my life. It rescued me from retirement boredom by giving me a creative outlet. I grew my awareness about my chronic illness and became part of a supportive blogging community.


    WHY MY PERSONAL BLOG IS THE BIGGEST BLESSING IN MY LIFE I count my personal blog as one of the biggest blessings in my life. There are 2 sources of inspiration for this post. The first is Kara’s post entitled Reverse Bucket List – an Exercise in Gratitude. A reverse bucket list is a list of all the things that you have already accomplished. If you’re like me, you’re just starting out and you find yourself comparing your blog to more successful bloggers.  You forget to track how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved. So, this post is a giant gratitude list for how my personal blog has…

  • The Sunshine Blogger Award - an honor bestowed by peers


    INSPIRATION FOR NEW BLOGGERS I am so honored at being nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award. My blog is not even a year old so I am really pleased. The timing of this award was great too. As a relatively new blogger, I have been so immersed in the blogging cycle of writing and promoting my posts that I was beginning to be quite stressed by it all. A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ASHLEY A big thank you to Ashley Girres of afiercemind.com for nominating me and even thinking me worthy of this honor. Ashley is truly out of the box. From her home and About pages to her articles, she is…