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Have you ever searched for the perfect pair of jeans? And just when you are about to give up, you find your dream pair. It fits you like a glove and you feel like a million bucks in them.

Well, this Post by Number review shows you why it is the perfect blogging fit.

It is a short, affordable course that is guaranteed to fill all the yawning gaps in your blogging education. Ideally, you should have your blog set up to gain maximum benefit from the course.

Blogging is overwhelming to the new blogger. You yearn to be like experienced more successful bloggers who do not have to haunt Google to find the meaning of terms like backend, guest post or pin description. So you start the great hunt for help ……

This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. You can read the full disclosure policy here.

This is an honest review of the course Post by Number by Suzi Whitford of startamomblog.com.

I used Suzi’s signature course, Blog by Number, to start my own blog. So when Post by Number was launched at such a budget-friendly price, I was unable to resist. This is the best $9 I have ever spent in my life.


Suzi is a friendly, down to earth blogger who is uber-successful, so much so that she managed to retire her husband from his full-time job.

She has created several courses all of which are easy on your wallet and geared towards helping bloggers take their blogs to the next level.

Suzi kicked off 2019 with monthly challenges designed to help you become a successful blogger. Find out more about the challenges here.

Her intention with Post by Number is to give busy mom bloggers the opportunity to guest post on her blog momlifehappylife.com.

But what if you are not quite at this step yet? I’ve created a simple checklist of blogging topics to help you avoid the dreaded new blogger overwhelm. Get it and start your step by step study plan:



This course is for you if you:

•  Are new blogger
•  Have a next to nothing budget for blogging courses and books
•  Need help with creating quality content
•  Want to learn how to format your posts for SEO
•  Want to guest post on Suzi’s blog momlifehappylife.com

This course is not for you if you:

•  Are a seasoned blogger
•  Already write SEO optimized content
•  Get organic traffic from Google
•  Have guest posted and know the process and the benefits well


Graphic of Post by number course
                                                        Image used with Suzi Whitford’s permission

When I started Post by Number, my understanding of SEO and keywords was sketchy. I had no idea of how to make my blog posts scannable for online audiences. Just the mere thought of guest posting and uploading the content in HTML had me quaking in fear.

I’ve been exactly where you are. Searching for answers in Facebook groups and piecing them together in an effort to blog better and smarter.

Since taking Post by Number, I have successfully guest posted and even started a Keyword Research Service for new bloggers. I say this not to brag but to show you how this course helps you to blogging success.


It is made up of a combination of video and text. You will learn how to:

•  do keyword research
•  structure your blog post
•  write engaging content

Each section is like a simple show and tell lesson. Suzi illustrates with video and blog posts so you can see how to implement the course content.

The best part of the course is the section on how to structure a blog post.

It gives you the breakdown on:

•  The use of your keyword in the title
•  How to structure your headlines
•  Use of where, when and how to use H1, H2, H3 title tags.

Best of all, Suzi illustrates it all by deconstructing a blog post to its bare bones so you can literally learn how to do it yourself.


Suzi’s simple no-frills tips on guest posting inspires you to complete the course and start to pitch for guest posts.

She handholds bloggers through the process of how to:

•  submit guest posts in HTML
•  optimize biographies by linking to an Opt-in
•  submit guest posts on the Google Form

Suzi has an editorial calendar set up for momlifehappylife.com so bloggers will know when their posts will be published.

Her tips on how to share the post once published are great.

Whew!!! This is a course that you can do in 2 hours but packs a powerful punch.

It is worth every cent of the $9 and more for the handy checklist and template that you can use for your content creation.

I assure you that buying Post by Number is the one course that you will not regret buying.

Get Post by Number here.

Post by Number sales page

Are you ready to take the leap and buy Post by Number? Share your feelings in the comments below.

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Get the special checklist of blogging topics to help you conquer overwhelm for good:


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  1. Great points! I have been looking for a better way to write my blog posts and have been struggling with getting more traffic. Maybe truly mastering SEO will help! I will have to look into this course. The small price tag makes me wonder though if it provides everything you need but I’m just a skeptical person sometimes. I think I might try it out

  2. I totally agree on getting the Post by Number course. Suzi is fantastic at breaking things down so they’re easy to understand. It really taught me a LOT about writing good blog posts.

  3. I am exactly where you described. I’m a new blogger, who’s starting to learn more about best blogging practices, but need some scaffolded guidance to ensure what I think is correct is really correct. Thank you for your honest review of Post bu Number. The affordable price and ease of use will definitely make it a high contender for me.

  4. I’ve actually never heard of this course! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it and reviewing it. I can’t believe how cheap it is! From everything you mentioned that it covers, I’d expect the price to be a lot higher. I’ll definitely have to check it out as one of my goals for 2020 is to work my SEO and get more organic traffic. Great post xx

    Valentina | TheFemaleBusiness.com

    1. maybe it’s not common knowledge because more expensive courses get more attention. But it is by Suzi pf startamomblog.com who has generated a 6 figure income from her blog. So you cannot go wrong with this wallet-friendly course.

  5. As I was discovering all your published blogs, I came across this one and found it very intriguing. You can never get enough of learning about SEO and keywords. I gladly signed up for the Checklist. Thanks for sharing.

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