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How to Effortlessly use Essential Oils in your Self Care Plan

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Do you know that a self-care plan is one of the best ways to manage your stress

Couple that with relaxing essential oils and you have the right formula to unwind and recharge at the end of a busy day.

Being a mom is exhausting. You take care of everyone all day with little or no time for yourself.

You’re aware of the importance of self-care is. But, how do you make it stick? How can you fit a self-care plan into your already hectic schedule? What essential oils can you use to enhance your self-care practice?

Here’s a cheat sheet to get started with essential oils.

Just click the graphic, download it and stick it on your refrigerator to easily refer to.


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I am so pleased to have Catherine of to do this guest post for me. She is passionate about self-care and essential oils.

Prioritize Your Self Care Plan

There are always things that need to get done, and your needs may end up taking a back seat. This is where having a plan comes in.

Having a plan for self-care is crucial to successfully implementing it. It’s a vital part of changing your life with new positive habits. 

Take a few moments to actually schedule your self-care into your calendar, so that you set aside some time to take care of your needs daily.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. You can read the full disclosure policy here.

The time to put your self-care plan into practice may vary depending on your schedule but you have to make it non-negotiable.

If your kids are young, get them used to the phrase ‘ Mom’s Me Time’  and encourage them to have their own Me time as well.

It’s a good idea to know what your self-care plan involves. For example, does it include yoga, meditation, a cup of herbal tea and your favorite magazine or an exercise class?

This will ensure that you maximize your precious me-time.

Your Personal Self Care Space

armchair with a throw over it
Image by janbrokes from Pixabay

Creating a special self-care space in your home can help you integrate self-care into your life more seamlessly.

Find a spot in your home no matter how small and add a few touches so that it virtually beckons you to take your shoes off and snuggle into its comforting embrace.

Invest the time to get the ambience right. Get an easy, ‘sink-into-me’ armchair and a soft rug to ward off the chills in winter. Have your diffuser and your self-care kit at hand. Place your favorite magazines and books nearby as well. Candles and soothing music also help to add to the welcoming atmosphere.

One of my favourite tools for incorporating essential oils into my self-care space is this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Essential Oils for Self Care

Have you thought of using essential oils in your self-care plan?

They are a powerful means to reduce stress and boost positivity.

Here are two awesome products that you can use while you’re sorting out the mechanics of your self-care plan and space.

Just wear them and start enjoying the benefits of essential oils.


But, first,
 let’s take a closer look at the use of essential oils.

1.  Benefits of essential oils

This article points out that essential oils have many health benefits. They:

–  Help with stress management
–  Balance hormones
–  Boost the immune system

It’s clear that essential oils are not merely for soothing away your exhaustion at the end of a busy day. 

2.  What are essential oils

Essential oils are oils that are extracted from various parts of a plant and distilled to form oils. They are very concentrated and give off a strong aroma.

The oil you’re probably familiar with is lavender that is often used to help with sleep.

3.  Types of essential oils

There are several oils which are used to support the body in different ways.

But the properties of each oil are unique. More detailed info on this later.

Each time you try an oil be sure to notice how it makes you feel. Trying different oils will help you find oils and blends, combinations of oils, that you truly love!


use essential oils in your self care routine

4.  How to use essential oils

This article states that there are 6 main ways to use essential oils. 

•  Apply to the skin
•  Simply inhale
•  Steam inhalation
•  Use an essential oil diffuser
•  Use in a bath
•  Aromatherapy massage  (Source)   

Using essential oils as part of your self-care plan gives you a heightened feeling of release and relief.

5.  Which essential oils to use


essential oils for self care

Not all oils are created equal. Many companies dilute their oils with fillers. So, you could only be getting a small amount of the oil that is actually listed on the label of the bottle.

Be sure to do your research.

If you are curious, this is the company that my family uses and we love them.

This article gives you the best details about where and how to buy essential oils.

Now on to the oils and how to use then for your self-care plan.

Here’s a print and keep cheat sheet to cut the overwhelm with essential oils.


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Just click the graphic, download it and stick it on your refrigerator to easily refer to.

6.  Essential oils to rock your mornings 

Mornings are often rushed just trying to get everyone out the door. Start your self-care by taking a deep breath of a calming oil to help you stay stress-free as you get everyone where they need to go.

Here are some great oils to start your day:

Ylang Ylang – Ylang Ylangrelieves tiredness and stress and improves memory and focus
GrapefruitBoosts energy and helps set the tone for a productive day
Jasminethe incredible scent of jasmine oil  helps to start the day off on a positive note


use essential oils in your self care plan

7.  Essential Oils for Energy and Focus 

You know that slump you feel in the middle of the day when you feel your ability to concentrate seems to fly out the window?

Did you know that essential oils can help with that as well?

Some excellent oils to use to help increase your energy and focus are:

Lemonhelps to energize you anytime you need a boost
Peppermintincreases your focus and attention
Rosemaryimproves mood and memory, good for brain health

8. Essential Oils to Destress 



Certain essential oils are known to soothe, relax and ease stress. Whether you work outside the home, or you are a full-time stay at home mom, relaxation from the stress of the day is vital.

A few of my favourite oils for relaxation are:

–  Lavender
–  Cedarwood

–  Orange

The fragrances of these oils create a calm and comforting atmosphere that helps you to unwind and relax at the end of a busy day.

9.  Oils for a Good Night’s Sleep 

Getting quality sleep is important. I love to diffuse some oils that help me relax at the end of the day or apply a drop or two of these oils to the bottom of my feet at bedtime to help me drift off to sleep.

Here are some great oils to help you relax and get a great night’s rest:

•  Lavender
•  Chamomile

Creating A Self Care Kit

Another way to enhance your self-care plan is to create a self-care kit. Having a few oils that you can bring with you wherever you go, can help you to find calm and ease anytime.

Putting together a little bag of essential oils to take with you will allow you to always have your self-care tools right at your fingertips.

Another idea to make applying essential oils easier is to buy or make an essential oil roller bottle.

Steps to create your essential oil roller

Apply as desired to the back of your neck, over your heart, on the bottoms of your feet or wherever you need it.


Test essential oils before use

[Please Note: When applying essential oils topically be sure to test a small area first. And be sure not to apply photosensitive oils to skin that will be exposed to sunlight after application.]

Lastly, you might like to create your diffuser, by wearing a diffuser necklace or placing a few drops of oil in an essential oil inhaler stick to bring the benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go!


bottles pf essential oils

Your Turn

Now that you have your self-care plan, your self-care space, and your self-care kit, it is time to start using them.

Set aside time each day for self-care, even if it just a few minutes.
Take time in the morning to get your day off to a great start.

When you get home at the end of the day,  add a few drops of oil to your diffuser so that you can reap the benefits of the oils, even as you get your chores done.

Be sure to take breaks during the day to inhale your favourite oil to help soothe or energize you.

Do you have a self-care plan that works for you? Share your self-care experience in the comments below.

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Catherine - profile picCatherine Wilde’s self-care and essential oil journey has transformed her motherhood experience. It is her passion to inspire other moms to bring more calm and fun into motherhood through self-care. Check out her FREE Essential Oils Course for Moms. learn more about self-care and essential oils visit 

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