Family Christmas| Hosting a holiday dinner can be stressful. Find inspiration from 7 awesome You Tube videos to make your Christmas celebration the envy of your guests. Get tips on decor, place settings, recipes and entertainment so that you can actually enjoy your Christmas.
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Family Christmas| 7 awesome YouTube videos to help you be the envy of your Christmas guests. Learn the best Christmas recipes, on trend decor tips and the best entertainment ideas for the whole family. This will allow you to actually enjoy your family Christmas celebration.
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Are you hosting your annual family Christmas dinner this year?

Tired of the hurtful criticism especially as you do it out of family love and loyalty?

Imagine how wonderful it would be not to have Aunt Mary’s barbs about your stuffing or your sister Jane’s jibes about your clutter spoiling your Christmas decor?

Or having your boisterous nephew running wildly through the house demanding attention?

I have just the plan to take your Christmas family dinner from stressful to sensational.  In fact to Hallmark-worthy.

Follow my formula and you’re bound to have a Christmas dinner that will be the talk of your family.



The obvious starting point is to set a budget for the Christmas dinner.

But what if you’re money challenged?

What do you’re like me and you love Christmas and find it hard to resist all the lovely stuff that comes out only in the holiday season?

Prowl Google or Pinterest as much as you want but you have to create a Christmas Budget or go bust.

Check out Summer’s post, HOW TO CREATE YOUR CHRISTMAS BUDGET for ideas to create a Christmas budget and stick to it.

Another must-read post when dealing with the thorny issue of a Christmas budget is 10 Ways to Save On Your Christmas Dinner.


Time to get really specific with your To Do List. Maybe, you can’t relate to lists because they’re too rigid.

Change your mindset to lists and you’re set to conquer your usual Christmas Party migraine.

But if you can’t, no worries. I have a  handy print out and keep Rock your Christmas checklist.

It covers checklists for you to keep track of all the things you have to do before your guests arrive on Christmas ready for a Christmas with oomph!

Click the graphic to get instant access to your Rock your Christmas Checklist.

Include the following items on your To Do List to take the stress out of the holiday.

  •  –  Date of your family Christmas dinner
     –  Number of guests and their preferences ( food allergies/ diet)
     –  Gifts ( any last minute gifts to make/ buy)
     –  Table setting  (seating and decor)
     –  Menu ( Starters, Main Course, Desserts)
     –  Home Decorations ( to create the Christmas atmosphere)
     –  Entertainment (Party Games and a Christmas movie )
     –  Keepsakes ( Memorable Quotes, Special Photos or a mini video)

Again, the easily downloadable checklist will cut down on your planning.

Click the link below to get your Rock your Christmas Checklist.

Family Christmas Checklist

Now comes the real hard part. But you’re already ahead of the game.

Take each item on the list and break it down further. Let’s look at an example:

The points under Guests may look like this:

  • –  Names and the total number 

    –  Invitations ( What’s App, Personal call, Email)
  •  – Who will issue invites, due date, follow up for acceptance)

–  Diet preferences of guests

–  Ages if necessary ( a  mum to a 3-month-old baby will need a changing       area and a place for the baby to nap

– A sick guest may need an afternoon rest

The more detailed the list, the better prepared you will be to entertain your guests successfully.

Okay, so far so good. You’ve made up this gigantic list. But you still need a little help to tweak it.

Don’t worry, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

I’ve harnessed the power of YouTube to give you real actionable help to uplevel your family Christmas this year.

Here are 7  YouTube videos to help you rock your Christmas celebrations this year.


This video by  Crafty Panda gives you step by step follow along tips to make personalized gifts and decor items.

Perhaps, an ideal way to do Christmas gifts in future – Simple, thoughtful individualized gifts you can make yourself. Probably be kinder to your wallet too.


You know it’s Christmas so you want to make a special effort with your table decor.

Are you searching Pinterest for trending table decor ideas?

Are you overwhelmed by the choices available?

This YouTube video gives you a great rundown on table decor and place settings.

It has everything you need – choices to make, how to copycat on trend settings and even places to go shop for items on a budget that put the wow into your decor.



Are you nervous about cooking the Christmas dinner?

Maybe your mom or mom in law have always taken charge of this.

No need to stress.

In this YouTube video, dishy Donal Skehan takes you through his 5 best dinner recipes.

Recipes cover a range of delectable Christmas dishes. There’s gammon, turkey, sides, a  Christmas sausage roll with a difference and his special to die for Christmas trifle.

All done in his melodious Irish accent.



For absolutely decadent puddings, see 3 SOUTH AFRICAN DESSERTS TOO DELICIOUS TO RESIST.


What dishes would you prepare for a vegan or vegetarian guest?

You can’t simply expect them to eat the sides from the main meal. You need to make the effort to do something special for them.

RACHEL AMA gives some wonderful vegan recipes in the next video. Find out how to cook a delicious vegan roast and make the perfect vegan gravy to go with.

Check out 3 TASTY VEGAN RECIPES TO BLOW YOUR TEENAGER’S MIND for more ideas to try for a vegan Christmas dinner.


The Christmas atmosphere is made with  Christmas music. If you’ve been out shopping, most stores have Christmas favorites blasting away.

It’s not unusual to find shoppers humming or singing along. Christmas carols make your heart swell with joy.

So, you have to have a selection of Christmas carols and popular tunes to set the mood.

Make your selection from the next YouTube video:


Family Christmas Games

Family games are a must to up the fun factor. Make great memories by with a few tried and test fun games for everyone to play.

Hysterical laughter and a sense of camaraderie are the usual spinoffs.

Here are a few games to inspire you:

For more party games, read25 OF THE BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY GAMES.

Family Christmas movies

A Christmas movie is a tradition for many families. This YouTube video has a ranked list of the most popular movies since 2002.

Some favorites like Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas are included.

Don’t stress with hosting a successful family Christmas. Snag your handy Christmas Checklist so you can start planning.


So there you have it. All the best tips to have an amazing family Christmas.

Let’s recap. To host the best family Christmas dinner, you need to
consider the following:

–  Start planning early

–  Create a checklist of items to do

–  Gifts – have you bought gifts for everyone? Do you need last minute gifts?

–  Does your menu cater for everyone – vegans, diabetics, allergies

–  What will your entertainment be – movies, games, a walk after lunch

–  Keepsakes – what will they be? 


Family Christmas| Hosting a holiday dinner can be stressful. Find inspiration from 7 awesome You Tube videos to make your Christmas celebration the envy of your guests. Get tips on decor, place settings, recipes and entertainment so that you can actually enjoy your Christmas.
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Family Christmas| Take the stress out of hosting a family Christmas celebration. Get the best tips from 7 great You Tube videos to master your Christmas dinner preparations. Find inspiration for Christmas recipes,how to cope with stressors like last minute gifts, entertainment ideas and decor tips. This will allow you to relax and enjoy your family Christmas celebration.
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This quotation sums up the magic of Christmas for me:

Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth
sweetening every taste bud,
making you wish it could last forever.
Richelle E. Goodrich, “Smile Anyway Quotes”

It is sad that many families do not spend Christmas together and that the elderly are left to spend the day on their own.

I urge you to find ways to reconnect with family so you can share in the magic of Christmas and reap the reward of strong family relationships for years to come.

Do you have any ideas for the perfect family Christmas? Share your story in the comments below.

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