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    50 Fantastic Fun Activities for Teenagers that Kill Boredom

    Admit it, you’re going crazy looking for fun activities for teenagers? Are you sick of the whining about being a prisoner at home? But just go back in time a few years. Do you recall how Legos used to keep your kiddos enthralled? Remember the shrieks of laughter as they fitted and then split them up? Also, don’t forget the tantrums when you tried to get them to leave the legos to bath or eat? Now, think of your teen. The structure of his life has been ‘stolen’ from him almost overnight. He is unable to hangout with his friends, play sports or do the things that gave his life…

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    Everything you need to know about holding successful family meetings

    Family meetings are really hard especially if you have teens who are trapped in the vortex of teenage life. Barton Goldsmith states in Psychology Today in 10 Tips for Holding a Family Meeting: Strengthening the family bond can prove to be challenging even for the most dedicated parents. One of the best tools to achieve this goal is holding a Weekly Family Meeting. But let’s just go back to the chaos of last week for a moment. Recall how you missed the baseball game where your teen scored the winning run?  Or the Wednesday dinner disaster because you were so busy with a product launch that you forgot to do a…

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    Facts about Teenage Depression you Need to Know

    Are you aware of the basic facts about teenage depression? If you don’t, you need to arm yourself with them ASAP. Although depression is a serious mental illness, it is often overlooked in teens and passed off as erratic hormones which they will soon outgrow. A case study of teenage depression You may be wondering what teens have to be depressed about? Most have loving parents who take care of their every need. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. You can read the full disclosure policy here. But being a teenager…

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    The Essential Christmas Planning Guide to Host an Awesome Christmas

    Christmas planning often causes an avalanche of stress and overwhelm. While you love the season, you may find yourself engulfed with anxiety at the numerous things you have to do before Christmas Day. If organization is not your thing, and you’re hosting the family Christmas dinner, you may be swimming in a whirlpool of confusion. But, calm down, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and read on. This post is your GPS to Christmas planning the easy way. The Essential Christmas Planning Guide   Here’s a roundup of all my best posts that cover everything Christmas – from the Christmas dinner to gifts to give fussy teens. 1.…