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    6 Awesome Communication Tips to get your Teen to Open up to You (Updated 2020)

    Are you desperate for communication tips to get your moody teen to talk to you? Is there an impenetrable wall of silence between you and your teen? You find that every question gets a grunt in response or is ignored totally. Why not take a good look at how you talk to your teen?  Maybe you’re asking the wrong questions. Questions that make him rush to his bedroom and shut the door on you. Don’t despair. He needs you now more than ever before. But you need to have a plan to foster open communication between you and your teen. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may…

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    An arsenal of brilliant Christmas quotes is a powerful tool in the holiday season. They function just like Christmas carols in the stores at Christmas time. Ever found yourself humming or actually singing along to a Christmas song? Well, Christmas quotes invoke the spirit of festive cheer and goodwill in the same way. When placed at random places in the home, they act as beacons of Christmas and transform the atmosphere instantly. I am a sucker for Christmas especially because my birthday is the day before Christmas. As a kid, it was the most magical time for me. Often a birthday party on the day followed by a big family…

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    17 Fabulous gifts for the busy moms in your life (Updated 2020)

    Finding the perfect gift for busy moms is one of the hardest things to do. If you’re like me, it causes massive stress and anxiety even though I start early. With recent global events, you’re probably more anxious about choosing the right gift. Your gift selection is now governed by more than just which store, item, price and gift packaging. Now you have to source your gift at an online store which can deliver on time.  Here are a few  great Amazon ideas to help. This post gives you a list of simple but genuine gifts any busy woman will love. This post contains affiliate links which means that I…

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    How to raise kids to make a difference in the world

    Is family volunteering essential today?  Social problems like homelessness, poverty, hunger, and unemployment have increased and are continuing to increase. So there is a desperate need now more than ever before for a culture of volunteerism to be built in all communities. I know what’s going through your mind. Life is busy – work deadlines, soccer games, household chores, grocery shopping, laundry  …  how will you ever find the time to volunteer? Well, ONE good reason to open your mind to family volunteering is that it will accelerate the personal growth of your family almost overnight. What is family volunteering It means starting a family project where you give your…