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    How to select the most unique Christmas gifts for loved ones

    Brilliant Christmas gifts your family will cherish Unique Christmas gifts for family are often the cause of much stress and anxiety. You may have to buy a gift for a fussy aunt you see only every Christmas or a cousin who has just started a blog and you find yourself clueless about what to get them. The pressure is because of the unconditional love, loyalty, and support your extended family gives you even if you do not see them often. Your family, be they siblings, cousins, or grandparents cushion you with their loving support during life’s curveballs and join you to celebrate your victories too. So unique Christmas gifts take…

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    40 Super Fun Activities for an Awesome Summer

    Summer bucket list ideas are an essential investment. They are powerful tools especially if you’ve enlisted your family and created a family bucket list. You can use it to plan exciting summer activities to make memories with your family.  Shilagh Mirgain of the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Medicine and Public Health says : everyone should have a bucket list….keeping a bucket list helps us remember what is truly important regarding our own sense of self-fulfillment. Here’s the thing. It’s time to start ticking off items from your summer bucket list.  It’s summer and time to have some fun. Why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and make…

  • Best life advice| 16 bloggers share the advice their moms have given them to cope with challenges.
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    Best Life Advice from Mom : 16 Bloggers Honor the Wisdom of their Moms

    When you reflect on your life, you soon realize the best life advice you ever got came from your mom. Have you ever wondered what your mom’s DNA would reveal? Perhaps immeasurable values such as: –   love –   wisdom –   kindness –   sacrifice –   generosity –   courage The hallmark traits of Superman, Batman, and every other superhero rolled into one. Qualities shown in moments of crisis where strength of character and superhuman coping skills are needed. Sadly, there is the misconception that you can quantify the love you feel for your mother. Let me make my view clear now – a mother’s love is priceless. There is no gift you…

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    Essential teenage stress management tips you need to know

    Many adults believe there is no such thing as teenage stress. They think that teens have it easy – no mortgage or bills to pay, or being forced to work at a job they hate because so many lives depend on it. All teenagers have to do is have fun online chatting with their friends, go to school, do their homework play a little sport and hang out with their friends after school, right? Dead wrong. Check out this YouTube video which shows you exactly why teens can claim to out stress adults   Another point in the teen stress camp is the results of a poll carried out by…