• Superfoods that beat stress
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    10 Powerful Foods that Reduce Stress and Improve your Life

    Are you aware that you can transform your life by changing your diet to include foods that reduce stress? Let me ask you this: Are you guilty of emotional eating when you’re stressed? Do you dig into a tub of ice cream or wolf down a bar of chocolate when life makes too many demands of you? The pleasure of the moment is great but the stress does not go away. What if I told you that there is a way to eat to beat stress? Foods that reduce stress I know what you’re thinking. How will food help me with fighting stress? Choose to include foods that reduce stress in…

  • Couple jumping with excitement at achieving their self improvement goals
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    Are you determined to improve your life in 2019? Are you at a loss about how to get started even though your Pinterest and Facebook feeds are flooded with posts on how to reset your life in X days? If you’re anything like me, resistance sets in and you refuse to be part of the herd setting resolutions and goals that barely survive into February. But one thing you’re sure of – it’s a new year and you want to challenge yourself but you need some hand-holding to get started. This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend…

  • New beginnings like this open road leading up into snow capped mountains
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    It’s the start of a new year. The perfect opportunity for new beginnings and change. Perhaps you’ve been through a few personal difficulties and you’re a little nervous about what the new year holds for you. Here’s the thing – you need to kickstart your life with a new beginning, with a fresh start to get out of the tired, dusty path you’ve been treading so far. It’s a new year. Why not be adventurous – take a vacation to Vietnam or India,  where the culture is very different to what you’re used to? Or supercharge your life by studying a new course or trying a different exercise program to the…

  • Tough times | Man copes by sitting alone. He seeks solace in the beauty of the sunset at he copes with his challenges.
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    Can uplifting quotes really boost you when times are tough?  How do you cope when life hurls you through a tough time over and over again? You want to call a timeout mentally and emotionally just for a little while. Your sole aim is to retreat, regroup and return to life recharged and ready to cope with any challenge. I live with a chronic illness so I have some really tough days. One of my go-to secrets is to seek comfort in my treasured list of quotations. I have one in particular that speaks to me: It encourages me and lifts my spirits when I’m too weary of being sick.…