• How do you stay connected to teenagers? First, learn how to unplug from your parent role to win your teen's trust. Next, find simple activities to do with your teenager. Allow him to choose the activities. The end result will be you getting to know your teen well - his likes, interests, things that bother him etc.
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    Teenage life is like being held hostage on an out of control rollercoaster. As a parent, you’re held captive on this journey by an alien you vaguely recognize. One thing you do know is that his bad habits are one of the reasons for your high-stress levels. There is no escape from this hostage drama. But, you may be allowed into the sacred secret life of a teenager today. The daily dramas of teen life make a tennis game against Federer feel like a lazy Sunday morning picnic. But let me tell you that your teenager is probably stressed too with all the changes he has to deal with. But here’s the…

  • Use the thrill of surfing to bond with your teenager.
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    Do you know that there are simple ways to connect with your teen during the teenage years that actually work like crazy? You’re shaking your head in disbelief, right? Because you know that a simple good morning is often greeted with a scowl. An innocent how was school today is met with a scathing verbal personal attack that leaves you stunned. You’re really desperate to bridge the yawning gap with your teen. But just daydream with me for a minute. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have your teenager returning your hugs instead of shrugging you off. Or sharing the day to day events of his day over his…

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    6 Awesome Communication Tips to get your Teen to Open up to You

    COMMUNICATION HACKS FOR PARENTS AND TEENS Are you guilty of horrid parenting mistakes? Do you commit parenting blunders that are a roadblock to open communication between you and your teen? You need to fix them now and fix them fast to get the green light from your moody teenager.     I know what you’re you’re thinking.  No, absolutely not!, I’m not the problem. I’m always there for my children. They know they can come to me with any problem and I will listen and help. Always. Then, how do you explain the impenetrable wall of silence between you and your teen? Every question gets a grunt in response or…