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    12 Simple Appetizer Recipes to Impress your Guests this Christmas

    Do you have a list of simple appetizer ideas ? The one you created by haunting Pinterest? If you do, then you have will likely have no stress this holiday season. By now you probably have a few tried and tested favorites that you know your guests will love. A starter, as you well know, is a snack that is served before the main meal.  But, they’re also a great way to set the tone for the dinner to come. Easy appetizers, served hot or cold, tease the taste buds and leave guests looking forward to the main course. Starters of finger foods also help to break the ice, especially…

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    13 Fancy Easy Mocktails for your Next Family Party (Updated)

    Why not serve one of these easy mocktails at your next party? The one you throw with your kids to make social isolation more bearable. Exotic, colorful drinks in tall glasses decorated with slices of lemon or a mini umbrella are sure to be a winner with your kids. I have a special treat of 13 surprisingly easy mocktail recipes. Super simple to make and guaranteed to adds zing and zest to any celebration. Serve them with these starters and you are sure to make fans of your dinner guests this Christmas.   What are mocktails? According to escoffier.edu: A mocktail can best be described as a cocktail without the…

  • Vegan Christmas Dinner

    The Ultimate 3-Course Vegan Christmas Dinner

    It’s my favorite time of year again complete with wonderful holiday food, so here’s a Vegan Christmas Dinner, complete with a starter, main meal, and dessert. Christmas is a magical time of year, but it’s not always vegan-friendly. You may wonder, “How can I have a Christmas dinner that is entirely vegan and have it feel special?” I have your answer right here. I am so pleased to have a guest post by Kristen from Navigating the Allergic Life.  She has dealt with food allergies and intolerances her entire life. Planning a Vegan Christmas Dinner A few things to consider when trying to dress up a vegan meal for the…

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    We barely have worked off the excess calories of the past Christmas season and here I am writing about food ideas for another special event, Valentine’s Day. To be even more specific – vegan meal ideas for Valentine’s Day. More and more people are making the change to the vegan lifestyle. It is not so hard to prepare vegan family meals although it does require more planning and preparation. However,  if you like to go out for dinner on Valentine’s night it may be a bit more complicated. Depending on where you live,  it could be hard to find a restaurant near you that serves a tasty vegan dinner. Where I live…