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  • How to avoid stress and enjoy the holidays this year

      Table of Contents Want to enjoy the holidays this year? Tips to enjoy the holidays  1. Have a plan to manage your stressors 2. Set a budget for the holidays 3. Rethink gifts 4. Alternate celebration ideas 5. Unconventional menus ideas 6. Encourage a team mindset 7. Prep for success 8. Clean up after […]

  • 7 Good Habits to Start Today with your Family for Lasting Success

    Spread the love. A good habits list is like the foundation of a house. It has to be sturdy to bear the building’s weight and to avoid the whole structure collapsing. A family list of habits is a powerful basis for a successful life. In times of crisis, good personal habits act as a lighthouse […]


    Can parenting articles help when you have problems with your teen? I handpicked 5 awesome parenting blogs that you have to read and follow if you’re raising teenagers. There can be no doubt that parenting teenagers is really hard. There are constant conflicts and bad attitude which turn your home into a battlefield. But don’t despair, these […]

  • 25 Inspirational Quotes for Strength in Challenging Times

    Can uplifting quotes really boost you when times are tough? Who would have thought that the whole world would stand united in the fight against a silent, invasive giant killer? Fear and uncertainty threaten us daily so  how do you cope when life hurls you through a tough time over and over again? You want to […]

  • Best Life Advice from Mom : 15 Bloggers Honor the Wisdom of their Moms

    Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day this year is almost impossible. One way to honor her on this special day is to recall the best life advice your mom ever gave you. Have you ever wondered what your mom’s DNA would reveal? Perhaps immeasurable values such as: –   love –   wisdom –   kindness –  […]

  • Is living with your parents as a college student wise?

    Table of Contents Is living with your parents while studying at college a smart idea? Advice for College Students The Advantages Of Living With Your Parents The Disadvantages Of Living With Your Parents Why Is It Bad To Live With Your Parents? The Problem Of Living With Your Parents As A Young Adult Some House […]

  • How to Overcome Adversity: 15 Powerful Quotes for Hope and Strength

    Do quotes for hope and strength in difficult times actually work? Can they offer comfort and solace when you’re battling to deal with intense personal challenges? Perhaps, you feel as if you’re trapped in an overlong wrestling match with a Sumo wrestler. Just how do you cope when life is battering you about relentlessly? Right […]


    Family traditions are the very heart of family loyalty and faithfulness. They are the oxygen that sustains families in tough times. I am so pleased to have a guest post by Karen of She has two young kids and loves to sip lattes as she writes. Her favorite family tradition is: making popcorn with the girls […]

  • 10 Powerful tips to deal with difficulties in life

    Have you noticed that difficulties in life come in gangs to attack you when you’re least prepared for them? The effect is like being forced to endure an unrelenting nuclear attack. Overcoming obstacles in life is hard. But life is full of personal challenges and we have to summon the courage to face them. But […]


    Can reading beautiful family quotes really make your heart swell with love? If you’re anything like me, they also wring your heart with tenderness for the family you have and make you shed tears of happiness. Quotes are powerful. For me to love them, they must meet my ICE formula. •   I  – inspire •  C – comfort •  E – encourage A […]