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Can a guiding word for the new year help you to transform your life ?

Have you chosen a word for the new year yet? Did you know that a carefully selected word for the year can become a powerful tool to better your life?

One thing’s for sure, it’s 2022 and you know you want to thrive and make it your best year ever in all aspects of your life.

Choosing a word for the new year

January is often the time when people make resolutions about lifestyle changes like losing weight or giving up smoking. 

I don’t know about you but New Years Resolutions just don’t work. They attack you after Christmas and are quick to light a fire in you. But come February, these unrealistic resolutions fall by the wayside. And you’re left feeling disappointed yet again.

This year why not choose just ONE word for the year instead of making New Years Resolutions. Think of your word of the year as the yeast you add to create the perfect pizza base. It functions the same way as that rising agent – it motivates, energizes and propels you to work to realize your goals.

Word of the year case studies

When I first heard about the word of the year concept, I was skeptical. It’s disciples swear that the word for the new year when used effectively is like having a coach on call. The one on one  spurs you on to take the necessary action steps to reach your goals.

I reached out to a few blogging friends who shared their word of the year experiences.

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Beth of

For 2021… my word  was ‘Persevere’ … to keep grinding doing everything I know to continue the growth of MYSB no matter what… no matter the challenges incurred… it paid off, especially in last quarter of 2021 of MYSB with record earnings.

For 2022, I have chosen the words “Scaling Upward” to continue the growth of MYSB with new innovative projects.

I use my word just as a ‘Daily Mantra/Affirmation’ first thing in the morning when I wake and when I start work on MYSB. Of course, this is done AFTER my formal prayers.  

Louise of

5 years ago, Louise gave up making resolutions and started applying a positive word for the new year to her life. She has had such amazing results that she has documented her experience in this blog post.

If you have any doubts about the one word for the year concept working for you, I suggest you read the article.

Serve is Louise’s word for 2022. She wants to bring about daily positivity and guide others through the storms of life to seek joy in their own lives.

Catherine of

Catherine is also sold on the word of the year concept. Here’s her experience:

When I first came across the idea of choosing a word of the year it spoke directly to my soul. I love setting intentions in everything I do. Setting intentions is an incredibly powerful way to move towards the life you want to live. 

And at the same time, it leaves room for the journey to unfold naturally .When you choose a word or intention to guide you, you are free to make decisions and say “yes” to opportunities that align with your vision for your life.

My word for 2022 is “Connection”.It is a reminder to connect in deep and meaningful ways with everyone in my life. And to cultivate and nourish my relationship with myself. When we are connected to the truth of who we are we’re able to show up authentically and listen to our inner wisdom. 

As I strengthen my connection to my inner wisdom I trust it to guide me each step of my journey through 2022 and beyond.

A word for the new year perks

I’m sure you have at least one goal  you want to achieve. Perhaps you have a big scary goal like make $5000 a month as a freelance writer when you’ve just started out. Or maybe you want to start selling printables on Etsy so you can give up your full time job. Or you want to write a best selling book and have it published on Amazon. Or just to find a better paying job.

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But goals involve a series of action steps. In fact, it’s very much Iike a dance sequence. Do the right moves in time to the music and it becomes an enjoyable experience. But if you are out of sync with your partner, the dance becomes a nightmare. So, if you fail to take action or properly align your action steps with your goal, no word of the year can ever help you. 

Want to know more about setting realistic and achievable goals ? Read this post.

Your word for the new year is like a super power as it:

  • Encourages you to be intentional
  • Motivates you to work to bring to fruition your goals
  • Promotes self discipline
  • Encourages you to persevere when obstacles crop up
  • Builds creativity

How to choose your word for the new year

Selecting a word of the year without a goal or vision for your life is like having a car and no gas to use it. 

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Here is the process to follow to find a word that inspires and motivates you.


 First you need to reflect on 2021 – the things that worked and the things that didn’t. Think about the changes you would like to make in 2022.

Then write down the goals you have for 2022. Keep it simple to avoid overwhelm.

Target your word

A Thesaurus is your best friend at this point. Write  up a list of power words that you’re drawn to. Explore synonyms of words too until you find 3 – 5 words that ‘speak’ to you 

Then narrow it down to one word that you think matches your goals.

Here is a handy list of words to use in your journey to finding your word for the new year.

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How to turn your word of the year into a motivational tool

  • Morning meditation on your word
  • Visualization of your life after using this word
  • Make flashcards of your word so you see it several times in your day
  • Use it as a screensaver for your cellphone and computer
  • Create a vision board and add your word to it
  • Create a Gif or meme of your word

Final thoughts on How and why you should choose A word for the new year

Your word for the new year is a simple but doable way to align your daily choices with the vision you have for your life. Think of it as an investment that has the power to yield a huge return for you.

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  1. Poovanesh, I loved this post about choosing an empowering word to start the new year. Thank you for including me. After much thought, I think I am going to take your suggestion of doing a ‘vision board’. I’ve heard so much about them and am ready to take it on and see if this keeps me focused! Thank you for sharing such a great blog!

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