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12 sanity saving tips that make life easier for working moms

Do you want crazy easy tips to make your life easier as a working mom?

Are you a busy mom of teens juggling a crazy mix of school, sport and social schedules? Add the demands of work deadlines and you have the perfect recipe for mom burnout.

Here are 10 doable tips to tame the chaos in your life.

Use them and you will no longer be guilty of:

  • Pitching up late for appointments
  • Forgetting school events
  • Relying on take out for dinner

Instead, you will have systems in place that will make life easier for you and actually give you more time to spend on the things you love doing.

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10 genius tips that make life easier for working moms 

Feel like you’re playing catch up all day long? Are you on edge, irritable and anxious at all that you have to do and not enough time to get it done?

This post hand holds you through a few simple tried and tested tips to become an organization ninja almost overnight.

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1. Gadgets to make life easier for working moms

roomba, instant pot and air fryer
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Invest in time saving gadgets that virtually guarantee you more time for yourself. At first, they may seem to be pricey but the pay off is huge for you and the family.

Here are 3 Amazon finds that all working moms will love.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eliminate the tediousness of daily sweeping by investing in a robot vacuum cleaner. It’s worth a try as it works with Alexa, sucks up pet hair, does carpets and hardwood flooring well.

Get the roomba here.

The Instant Pot

In a hurry to get dinner on the table quickly? Your solution is the instant pot.

Instant Pot Duo Plus is a multi-functional appliance that you will love. It cooks, steams and sautes in double quick time. Read the rave reviews here.

Get this time saving appliance now.

The Air Fryer

This is an all in one appliance that is dead easy to use. According to Amazon, it ‘ Cooks, Crisps, Roasts, Bakes, Reheats and Dehydrates’. And even your 10 year old can use it.

Find all the juicy details about the Ninja AF161 Max XL Air Fryer here.

2.Get up 30 minutes earlier

I know this is a big ask but it’s a sacrifice to make where the only winner is you.

So here’s what you gain with the extra 30 minutes:

  • A bit of peace and quiet before the busyiness of family life starts
  • Time for meditation to prepare for the day ahead
  • Get fully dressed and be ready before the kids
  •  Dedicated time to journal your intentions for the day

3. Create a morning checklist

Ever had a topsy- turvy morning of homework misplaced, kids whining for smoothies instead of cereal, unwashed sports uniform ?

 A morning checklist is the answer.

Follow this simple process:

  • Have your kids list in order all they have to do before leaving home for school
  • Then have them time each step
  • Schedule their wake up times accordingly
  • Create a morning checklist of these items for your kids to check off before they leave home

This is a great way to encourage independence and responsibility in your kids.

The bonus for you is a stress free morning.

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4. Use a planner

Wouldn’t you love to have more time for yourself- to go on coffee dates with your girl friends or go to a new photography exhibition or have more time with your partner?

Think of your planner as a compass which helps you to navigate your life effectively.

This is a great planner to use. It’s undated, includes a journal and place for a gratitude list.

Using a planner:

  • Encourages you to be intentional with your choices
  • Allows you to customize your daily and weekly schedule
  • Promotes good time management skills

You can use your planner to create a schedule for the day, week and month. Allocate time slots for everything from laundry to meal prep to going to the gym.

For example you can schedule:

  • Medical appointments and school events
  • Household Chores
  • Meal planning and shopping
  • Self care activities

You can also use your planner to carve out time in your schedule to work on your personal development goals like taking courses or attending webinars.

5. A daily to do list

To Do List
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Do you often feel like you have no time to do what you love most? Well, if you train yourself to plan and use a daily To Do List, you will be able to.

A busy mom without a to do list is like trying to drive a car with 4 flat tyres. It’s an essential tool to stay on track with all that you need to do in a day be it household chores or medical appointments for the kids.

 You will be more organised and ultimately be able to have time to do the things you love.

It’s best to list all your tasks the night before so you start your day with a clear plan.

Why not personalize your To Do List so it becomes a motivating tool by adding your:

  • Word of the year
  • Favorite quote
  • Gratitude list
  • Fitness and health goals

Other items on your list may be your Top 3 priorities for the day, the meal plan and shopping list.

As you check off each item on your To Do List, you will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. 

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6. Start a family calendar

This is a busy mom’s BFF to keep the family organised. A family calendar keeps everyone informed about the activities that are on the schedule for the week and months ahead.

It ensures that you as the family CEO can track everything.

How to Use the family calendar

  • Get a huge annual dry erase wall calendar like this one
  • Add birthdays, anniversaries and other annual events like vacations
  • Color code for easy access
  • Get each member to add scheduled dates as they come up
  • Keep track of new appointments at weekly family meetings.
  • Encourage the family to set reminders on their cellphones to keep on track

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7. Chores

According to this post, chores are essential for children:

Doing chores gives a child the opportunity to give back to their parents for all you do for them. Kids begin to see themselves as important contributors to the family. They feel a connection to the family

.Holding them accountable for their chores can increase a sense of themselves as responsible and actually make them more responsible. Children will feel more capable for having met their obligations and completed their task


Start by having a family meeting to discuss chores. 

First, list all the chores that have to be done to maintain the home. The decision to pitch in becomes super important. Kids learn that  it is the responsibility of all to do their chores timeously to ensure the smooth running of home.

Win the kids over by encouraging a team spirit with a family slogan. Steal from The Three Musketeers – all for one and one for all. Or make one up like together always.

Get the family on board by using this 5 A formula:

  • Allowing the kids to choose their chores
  • Agreeing to chore swaps
  • Assigning chores to everyone including yourself
  • Adding the time a chore takes to complete
  • Agreeing to the cut off times for chores to be done

Plan an end of the week treat to show your appreciation to the family for making things easier for you as a working mom.

8. Cleaning strategy

Canva Pro

Want to move your home from cluttered to clean? You need to work on a cleaning strategy.

Follow this process to create a simple house cleaning checklist:

  • List all the cleaning tasks that need to be done per room
  • Group tasks according to what needs to be done daily,weekly and monthly.

Daily tasks for the kitchen may be:

  • Clear counter tops 
  • Wipe appliances
  • Wipe all cupboard and drawers
  • wipe counters doen
  • Wash dishes and sink
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Clear out fridge

Then make up a cleaning schedule and link this to the chores the whole family gets. Remember the old proverb, “ many hands make light work”? Apply this to feel less stress and more in charge of your household chores.

A smart move to lessen the workload is to have tidy up routines. Schedule 2 – before dinner and before bed. This involves storing items in their correct places, returning crockery to the kitchen, wiping down counters, putting laundry away, taking sports kits away and so on.

This makes the  next day a breeze because the house looks neat and tidy from the get go.

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9. Meal planning

Here’s a great resource to get your meal planning off to a successful start.Just click the graphic and in no time at all, it will be winging its way to your inbox.

Weekly meal plan sign up form

Want to say goodbye  to the stress of ‘ what to cook for dinner’ ?  Meal planning is the solution you need. 

A simple weekly meal plan: 

  • Saves you money. You won’t need to grab takeouts when you’re too tired to fix a meal after a busy day at work. 
  • Saves you time. You plan meals to align with the time  on hand to fix a meal fast
  • Helps reduce food waste. You learn  to use up any food you have on hand before it goes bad.

Here’s the inside scoop on how to meal plan so you win by saving time and money.

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10. Family what’s app group

It’s vital that you have a way to connect with your family quickly especially in an emergency.

A family What’s App group can help you accommodate sudden changes to your schedule like:

  • An accident or an emergency
  • Having to pick up a sick child
  • Changes to school activities
  • Rescheduling of medical appointments

A Whats App family group can also be a great bonding opportunity. You can send emojis,
 jokes, video links or thoughtful quotes.

You need to set a few rules about the Do’s and Dont’s for the group. But, it is a handy way to get in touch with family members fast.

11.  Gift box

 Have you ever been forced to sneak out of work to get a gift for a birthday that you had totally forgotten ?

It’s 10x harder to get a present quickly when you’re on a tight budget.

One way to avoid the sudden gift attack is to create a gift box of various giftable items. Use sales to buy gift wrap, bags and boxes to keep the gift box topped up. 

This way you will always have a smart gift without having to tax your budget.

12. Stationery box

It’s a good idea to keep a well stocked stationery box at home.

While a great deal of work is done online, many kids still have to do tasks and projects that demand everything from glitter pens to sequins. 

You could keep:

Your well equipped stationery box will help your kids to stay on track with their projects. 

Final thoughts on simple hacks to make life easier as a working mom 

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