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11 mood boosting strategies guaranteed to improve your mood at work

 What to do to cast off your bleak mood at work?

Are you desperate to improve your mood at work? 

Especially since you have a love hate relationship with your job right now?

You enjoy the challenge of your job but having to return to the office demands a herculean effort of you.

Maybe you feel like a multi layered wedding cake of weird symptoms:

  • increased heart rate
  • Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Feeling weak or tired
  • Trouble concentrating 
  • Having trouble sleeping  (Source)

What you are experiencing is trauma caused by the pandemic. You fear that being back at the office will put you and your family at risk of getting Covid. Maybe you’re still grieving the loss of dear family and friends. 

But, the safety net of remote work has been yanked away from you and you’re having trouble coping

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10 mood boosting tips to improve your mood at work

Use these hacks to enjoy your working life again.

Mood boosting tip #1: Know your WHY

Consider these lines by poet D.H.Lawrence

There is no point in work

unless it absorbs you

like an absorbing game.

If you are unwilling to return to work, ask yourself these questions?

Why do you work at this company? 

Does your current job engage, stimulate and excite you?

Do you enjoy working there?

Have you grown as a person by working there?

Do you feel empowered at work ?

At the end of a day’s work, do you feel ‘ happy – tired’ (i.e. the joy of accomplishment that comes with hard work)?

If you answered NO to these questions, perhaps the time has come to find another job that fulfills you ‘ like an absorbing game’.

But you may have been with this company a while and you enjoy the perks it offers you. Besides, you need the income to support your family.

Instead of begrudging the company its return to the office policy, work on adopting a positive mindset. So that you grow to love your job again. 

Mood boosting tip#2: Dress for confidence

Canva Pro

Did you know that the colors you wear affect your mood?

 Shirley O’Donoghue, Principal of holistic center Lucis College states:

.harnessing the power of color can have a strong positive effect on your mood. If you are lethargic and demotivated, uplifting colors such as orange, red and yellow would be good. If you are anxious, [turn to] calming and soothing colors [such as] green, blue and purples.


Why not harness color psychology to cancel out your anxiety about being back at the office? 

A few ideas to try with your work wear:

  • Yellow and orange to inspire positivity
  • Pink to manage stress and overwhelm
  • Blue and green to encourage calmness

Dress with color in mind So you look and feel like a million dollars. 

This is likely to make you ditch your bleakness and spark joy in your job again.

Mood boosting tip #3: Show Gratitude for the job

A smart investment is this Gratitude journal that takes no more than 5 minutes a day.

This 5 minute gratitude journal, based on leading psychology research will instantly make you appreciate the life you have warts and all. You can find it here.

A new Pew Research Center survey states that since the start of  the pandemic

one-in-four adults have had trouble paying their bills  ……..a third have dipped into savings or retirement accounts to make ends meet, and about one-in-six have borrowed money from friends or family or gotten food from a food bank. (source)

In the light of this, don’t you think you should be grateful that you are not in that sinking ship  of financial stress?

In an ideal world, your company would have made you a full time remote worker.

And you would not be stuck worrying about your safety and the risk you pose to your loved ones. 

You may be unhappy at having to return to the office, but just consider the vast number of people who’ve lost their livelihoods due to the pandemic. 

Think about the perks of your job:

  • On the job training
  • Understanding boss
  • Weekends off
    Medical insurance
  • Opportunity for promotion
  • Wellness programs
  • Social events 
  • Work friendships

Most importantly, you have a job with a decent salary that you use to raise your family. 

Gratitude quote by Emerson
Canva Pro

Consider the alternative should you lose your job. Will you be able to rebuild your life effortlessly without causing pain and suffering to your loved ones?

Mood boosting tip #4: Spruce up your work space

Want to be more joyful at work? Why not get creative so that your work space becomes a welcoming oasis.

Get a happiness boost by personalizing your space. Use a simple free design program like Canva.com to create collages of:

  • family fun times
  • smiling faces 
  • motivational quotes

 They will summon a smile on your darkest of days and change your mindset to a Can Do mentality.

Invest in a few simple desk accessories to organize your area better. Add to your decor with a pot plant and a scenic framed picture.

Give your productivity a boost with this desk organizer.

5 Tier Office Desk Organizer – It is a Letter Tray Organizer, Desktop File Organizer and has an Extra Drawer and 2 Pen Holders. Get it here.

These few tweaks to your office or space are sure to spark joy and make you enjoy being at work more.

Mood boosting tip #5: Be organized at work

minimalist work station
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Have you ever missed a deadline because of a lost sticky note? 

A desk piled with a mish mash of memos, folders and files is hardly a recipe for a happy work environment.

So why not organize your desk so that it adds to rather than takes away from your at work upbeat mood.

Why not try the minimalist trend like so:

  • Purge your desk by paring down your on desk items to essentials only. 
  • Use your  drawers to store your diary or planners and stationery supplies. 
  • Use the last 10 minutes of your work day to tidy uo your desk so that you will be greeted by a clutter free desk the next day. 

Adopting desk minimalism encourages you to be organized and gives your boss and co-workers the idea that you are competent and efficient.  

This, in turn, makes you feel confident and hence happier at work

Mood boosting tip #6: Good work habits

Ward off work related stress by developing good work habits. Learn skills to maximize your productivity, efficiency and competency Here are a few ways to do this:

Undated Productivity Planner

Get this Productivity planner to reduce procrastination and overwhelm. Also helps you to manage your time better.

  • Use a planner, calendar and To Do List and sync all
  • Master the project management system your company uses
  • Create a daily To Do List for your tasks 
  • Use Trello to chunk down your projects
  • Set personal deadlines for your tasks 
  • Track your time and Keep a time log
  • Try time batching and blocking
  • Name and save files for easy access by all workers

This will automatically make you feel confident and happier.

Mood boosting tip #7: Build work friendships

Co workers bonding
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Work is a lot more fun if you have a work buddy. Someone who gets frustrated with the boss. Someone who makes your day by bringing you cake and coffee on the down days.

Some ways to encourage friendships:

  • Show interest in their lives and interests
  • Offer help if they are struggling with a task
  • Give support if they having tough personal times
  • Make workdays fun with fun events at the office like Flip Flop Day, tell a joke day Day or Say something nice day
  • Make birthdays special with a cake and special card

Mood boosting tip #8: Lunch breaks

Want a quick and easy way to be happy at work again?

Use your lunch breaks to recharge. Don’t just have a sandwich at your desk. Take your lunch outside in a nearby park. Time spent in nature is always a mood booster.

Better still, join an exercise class with a co -worker. Exercise is always fun with a friend. 

Working out releases those feel good endorphins so when you return to work you will be:

  • Energized and more productive
  • Happier and more positive
  • Build meaningful relationships with your co workers
  • Take online courses to up skill
  • End of work day traditions

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Mood boosting tip #9: Eat happy food

healthy mood boosting food
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Do you turn to food for comfort when you’re down?

Nutritionist Patricia Bannan, states:

The foods you eat can make or break everything from your work and productivity to your mental state and physical health.(Source)

This article gives you the inside scoop on how certain foods work to boost your mood.

 Too many sugary snacks like cakes and chocolates play havoc with your blood sugar levels. This in turn causes mood swings.

So a carefully crafted diet based on lean proteins, and fresh fruit and veggies can help you remain positive at work.

Recent  research suggests the inclusion of these foods in your diet:

  • Salmon
  • Dark chocolate
  • Bananas
  • Oats
  • Berries
  • Beans and lentils

Find recipe ideas here.

Mood boosting tip #10: Improve your skill set

Become an asset to your company by improving your skills.Invest in courses free to upskill 

Here are a few free courses you can take

  • Customer engagement
  • Digital marketing
  • Project management

The following sites list free courses that may interest you:



Listen to podcasts read self help books to improve your  productivity and mindset to work.

Upskilling will challenge you, give you a sense of purpose and start you on the road to being happy at work again. 

Make work meaningful by working to fulfill the Company’s mission statement.

Mood boosting tip #11: After work rituals

unwind after work with coffee and a book
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Work can be demanding. So you need to have fun things to do after work to reduce work related stress.

These wind down activities mark the end of your work day and you should set aside a fixed time for them.

A great idea is to start an end of work day ritual. Here are a few ideas to try:

  • Have tea and scones
  • Have a glass of wine and watch a favorite show
  • Listen to music or a podcasts
  • Read a book or a magazine
  • chat with your BFF
  • Call or Face time a loved one
  • Take a walk around the block
  • Work out to a YouTube video

Final thoughts on how to improve your mood at work

Let’s recap

Take these steps to improve your mood at work

  • Know your WHY
  • Dress to beat the blues
  • Be thankful for your job
  • Liven up your work space
  • Develop a good work ethic
  • Get organized at work
  • Eat happy foods
  • Work out in your lunch break

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