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40 Super Fun Activities for an Awesome Summer

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Summer bucket list ideas are an essential investment. They are powerful tools especially if you’ve enlisted your family and created a family bucket list. You can use it to plan exciting summer activities to make memories with your family. 

Shilagh Mirgain of the University of Wisconsin (UW) School of Medicine and Public Health says :

everyone should have a bucket list….keeping a bucket list helps us remember what is truly important regarding our own sense of self-fulfillment.

Here’s the thing. It’s time to start ticking off items from your summer bucket list. 

It’s summer and time to have some fun. Why don’t you step out of your comfort zone and make the summer bucket list ideas a reality rather than a one-day dream?

Hold a family meeting and get started.

If you are short of time because of work commitments, schedule evening or weekends to checking off an item or two.

Whatever your reason, find a way to work around obstacles to get cracking with fulfilling the dream list.

What’s in it for you as a parent?

•  The big opportunity to be with and enjoy your family.
•  To chuck your teachable moments and positive parenting rules out the window and up the fun factor with them.
•  The chance to really engage and get to know your kids. Taking action to make the summer bucket list ideas come true is an awesome way to connect with your teens as well.

What’s in it for your kids? The chance to see the other side of you.

To see you as more than the corrector of wrongs and the reminder of homework or chores to be done.

So get ready to make awesome memories checking off items on your family wish list.

This post gives you a range of summer bucket list ideas. Choose the most doable ones and just ace them. They are broken down to help you make your choice with ease:

  –  outdoor family bucket list ideas
  –  indoor family bucket list ideas
  –  creative family bucket list idea
  –  cultural family bucket list ideas


Get creative with this incredible art and craft set to make personalized gifts for loved ones


1.  Make a family video
2.  Create a family playlist
3.  Make a music video
4.  Make personalized gifts
5.  Make your own jewelry
6.  Publish a family newsletter
7.  Write and a family anthem
8.  Design a family logo
9.  Make exclusive coffee mugs
10. Start a family blog


Summer bucket list ideas|Teens having fun in the summer swimming
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


1.   Rock climbing
2.   Surfing
3.   Rollerblading
4.   Whitewater rafting
5.   Cycling
6.   Hiking
7.   Bungee jumping
8.   Ice skating
9.   Horse riding
10. Kayaking


1.   Go to an art exhibition
2.   Watch a musical drama
3.   Learn a foreign language
4.   Take part in a family quiz
5.   Learn to play an instrument
6.   Do a family photo shoot
7.   Take a cooking class
8.   Start a family blog
9.   Hold a movie festival
10. Take a photography class


Summer bucket list ideas

1.  Create your own water fun park
2.  Host a drive-in movie night with your immediate neighbour
3.  Have a family camp out
4.  Stage your own neighbourhood Food Network Barbecue cook-off
5.  Organize a community Tug – o – War competition
6.  Do a home spa – give beauty treatments and massage.
7.  Organize a line dancing competition for friends and family
8.  Create and cook a family signature menu
9.  Play card and board games
10. Organize a sports event at a local children’s home.


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You have a choice – wait for one day or act today. Take a little bitty baby step.
What’s the worst thing that could happen? You’ll have fun with your loved ones and make lasting memories.
Not such bad results for taking action now, don’t you think?

This quote from Paul Coelho sums it up perfectly:

     One day, you will wake up and there won’t be
     any more time to do the things                     
     you’ve always wanted.                                  
     Do it now.                                                   

Do you have a summer bucket list? Have you checked off any items on your list?
Share your experience in the comments below.

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