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10 Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes for a Healthy Start to the Day

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Easy fruit smoothie recipes all busy moms need to give their families a healthy start


If you have picky eaters, these fresh fruit smoothie recipes are a winner. Loaded with fruit with immune boosting properties, your kids will absolutely love them. The best part is that they can be served as afternoon snacks and are so rich and creamy, you can easily use them as desserts.


Here’s the perfect morning solution for all busy families. So easy your kids can make them.


But, you may be wondering why there’s so much hype about smoothies. Here are a few reasons for their increasing popularity:

  • Easy to make
  • Can be consumed on the go
  • Healthy (can blend fruit and veggies)
  • No extra sugars, preservatives or colorants
  • Filling ( can actually replace a meal)
  • Adds variety to the diet
  • Boosts the immune system

Easy healthy smoothie prep


If you want to have smoothies everyday, you need to be super organized. It’s best to get everyone involved with smoothie prep.


Chop and dice fruit and store them in the freezer in single portion packs. You can vary the fruit combos to cater for different preferences.


In the morning, simply blend with the liquid of your choice.


Here’s a YouTube video by A Sweet Pea Chef on how to do smoothies prep.


This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. You can read the full disclosure policy here.

smoothiesSmoothie Supplies


To make these fresh fruit smoothies, you need a few basic items. If you’re new to this, I’ve sourced the best products to help you make smoothies effortlessly: The first thing you need is a device to make your smoothies with no fuss and bother.  I found these to be the best options in terms of price, use and cleanup.


1.  NutriBullet

This is what I use to make my smoothies. Simply add all the chopped up (frozen or fresh fruit) and the liquid of your choice and blend. So easy to use even your kids can make their own smoothies. A big plus is that it’s super easy to clean.


2. Personal Countertop Blender

This is a juicer and smoothie maker in one. Quick and easy to make smoothies in no time but also hassle free cleaning.




3.  Portable cups for smoothies on the go


4.  Zip Lock bags to make your smoothie packs


5.  Assorted fruit but especially bananas to add the creamy element


6.  Greek yoghurt


10 fresh fruit smoothie recipes



Here are 10 simple but delicious fruit smoothie recipes. They are all super easy to make and will definitely kickstart your day the right way.

1. 1 Minute Watermelon Smoothie


watermelon smoothie
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Watermelon adds a touch of color to any table setting. Nothing screams summer more than slices of chilled watermelon. But did you know that it has many powerful health benefits? According to this post, watermelon keeps the body hydrated and is good for heart health, lowers inflammation and is great for muscular pain.


Get the recipe from at wowitsveggie.

2. Orange Smoothie


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This smoothie is so quick and easy to make that your kids can make it for a simple after school snack. The combo of oranges and Greek yoghurt males it a great immune the body a jolt of vitamin C. It’s so rich and creamy that your kids will love it.

Find the recipe from at snappygourmet


3. Chia Banana Smoothie


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This is the perfect recipe for summer. Self care in terms of diet is super important in the summer months. Healthy but tasty, this smoothie uses just 5 ingredients. The addition of chia seeds ups the health factor of this yummy dessert-like drink. This is the perfect feel good treat as opposed to take out drinks which are loaded with sugar. 

Get the recipe from at cookitrealgood.


4. Strawberry Mango Smoothie


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One sip of this smoothie transports you straight to a tropical island. So Simple to make,  your middle schooler will be able to whip up a jug every day. Just chop up the fruit. Add milk or water of your choice and blend. Scrumptious at any time of the day.

Get the recipe at littlesunnykitchen


5. Fresh Fig Smoothie with Dates & Almond Butter


Photo credit:


This smoothie gives your mornings a really healthy boost. Based on just 3 ingredients, the smooth, silky texture elevates this shake. Change it up by adding other fruit and nuts for extra flavor and taste.

Get the recipe at pipingpotcurry


6.Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie


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This is another quick and easy to make breakfast. Just pop all the ingredients in your blender to make the ultimate smoothie. Kickstart your day with an energy boost from the oatmeal and banana. The magic ingredient is the antioxidant blueberries which takes this smoothie up a notch or two.

Get the recipe at aromafoods-simplerecipes


7. Green Tea Almond Strawberry Smoothie


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This smoothie is power packed with ingredients to help you optimize your health. The combination of green tea, almonds and strawberries makes this a must have source of proteins and energy.

Get the recipe at theflavorbender.

8. Vitamin c Powerhouse Smoothie


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It’s vital to boost your family’s immune system. One easy way to do this is to supercharge the diet with foods that are rich in Vitamin C. This smoothie is a refreshing and tasty blend of goji berries, orange, strawberries, lemon, guava and camu powder. A great way to keep your family healthy during flu season or in the winter.

Get the recipe at mapleandmango


9. Anti Inflammatory Smoothie


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One of the best ways of nurturing the health of your loved ones is to add anti inflammatory ingredients to the meals you prepare for them. This smoothie is a happy marriage of orange, lemon, ginger and turmeric which serves to strengthen the immune system.

Find the recipe at slowthecookdown.


10. Mango Lassi with Cardamom and Pistachio


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This is one of those great treats that you can have to kickstart your day or as an indulgent dessert. Made with Greek yoghurt,mango, cardamom and pistachios, this smoothie is a yummy experience not to be missed.

Get the recipe at


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Final thoughts on Easy fruit smoothie recipes

So there you have it. 10 surprisingly easy to make smoothie recipes guaranteed to keep your family healthy and satisfied.


Do you have any favorite smoothie recipes ? Share them in the comments below.

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