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How To Drink More Water And Why You Should

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Are you heeding the call to drink more water?

Perhaps you’ve started a plan to change your life by developing a few  healthy habits.

A great way to kickstart the new year is to drink enough water to give your body the hydration it needs.

If you couple this with improvements to your diet like eating foods that fight stress, you can look forward to a year free of stress.

This post is for you if you have not as yet started to make any changes to live a healthier life.

Drink more water to improve your life


drink more water by flavoring it with grape fruit


Ever been plagued by a squeaky door that often betrayed your teen’s late return home? Delayed greasing the rusty hinges so it would swing open smoothly?

Well, think about this for a moment. Do you want your body to function like a tired, creaking door or do you want it to purr like a newly serviced car?

News flash ! How your body functions is governed by how much water you drink.

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Jen Laskey in this post writes:

Your body uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to help regulate its temperature and maintain other bodily functions.

So, really there is no choice. You have to drink more water even if you hate the taste of water and would prefer to drink sodas.

But, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably cultivated the bad habit of not drinking enough water.

Look, you know you have to up your water intake. But let’s look at what happens to the body when you do not drink enough water.

What happens if the body does not get enough water

Take a look at this picture of land during a drought. Note how parched, dry and downright thirsty the land is for
more water.


dry land during a drought


Clearly, there are no minerals or nutrients in the soil to sustain a crop.

Now, imagine the water-deprived body in its final moments:

  • Swollen tongue
  • Dry mouth
  • Bloated body
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Hallucinating
  • Dry skin

For a more in depth look at the impact of dehydration on the body, read this.

Terrible picture, isn’t it?

In other words, the body simply cannot survive more than a few days without water.

Blood is 90% water and when dehydrated, cannot transport oxygen to the cells in the body. If the cells do not get oxygen, they die. A gradual shut down of the organs and eventual death is certain.

Still not convinced that you need to drink more water? Let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum.


drink more water especially after exercise

Why water is good for you

To function effectively, every cell in the body needs water.

Here’s a list of the main reasons you need to drink more water. It:

  • Nourishes the brain
  • Lubricates the joints
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Removes toxins and waste from the body
  • Regulates temperature
  • Helps with digestion
  • Strengthens the immune system

Check out this picture which details the benefits of drinking water:


Read more about the health benefits of water here.

How much water should you drink

Check out this You Tube video on how much water you need to drink to be fully hydrated


Basically, you need to drink 8 glasses a day or 2 liters of water a day.

How to develop the habit of drinking water

You often see celebrities carrying water bottles in public. They’ve made it trendy.

But most people do not see drinking water as fun when they could be having a soda instead. It’s associated with health fanatics who are so disciplined and so in tune with their bodies that you want to run a mile from them.

Once you understand that drinking more water actually helps your body function better, then work out how to drink more water.

Infused water in glasses and bottles

How to drink more water

Here are 5 interesting ways to effortlessly drink more water

  • Drink a glass as soon as you get up and before you sleep.
  • Have a glass before each meal.
  • Make your water delicious by flavoring it with a slice of lemon and mint.
  • Infuse your water with herbs.
  • Buy a fun bottle that keeps water chilled.

Here’s a great video by the American Heart Association on how to infuse water to make it more tempting to drink.


Another way to up your water intake is to eat foods that are high in water content.

Check out this helpful YouTube video on hydrating foods and how they improve your overall well being:

Here are 10 hydrating foods which help add more water to the body.

1. Watermelons
3. Bananas
4. Strawberries
6. Spinach
7. Iceberg lettuce
8. Radishes
9. Tomatoes
10. Soup

A few ideas to eat more of these water rich foods:

  • Make fruit skewers for a quick snack
  • Make a simple fruit salad
  • Add fruit to smoothies.
  • Use the veggies in stir fries.
  • Roast the veggies to make sandwiches.
  • Use spinach in stews and soups.
  • Make lettuce cups with stir fry vegetables.

Your Turn

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about drinking more water to stay healthy.

Do you have any other ways to increase your water intake? Share them in the comments below.

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