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The Essential Christmas Planning Guide to Host an Awesome Christmas

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Christmas planning often causes an avalanche of stress and overwhelm. While you love the season, you may find yourself engulfed with anxiety at the numerous things you have to do before Christmas Day.

If organization is not your thing, and you’re hosting the family Christmas dinner, you may be swimming in a whirlpool of confusion.

But, calm down, pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine and read on. This post is your GPS to Christmas planning the easy way.

The Essential Christmas Planning Guide

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Here’s a roundup of all my best posts that cover everything Christmas – from the Christmas dinner to gifts to give fussy teens.

1. The Ultimate Christmas Day Guide

This post covers everything you need to do on Christmas Day with You Tube videos to help you. 

Christmas cookies

2. Drinks to serve your guests

Many of your guests may well indulge in alcoholic beverages. Catering for them is easy. Just head to your favourite store and buy a range of drinks to satisfy all your guests.

But what if your guests, for various reasons, do not take alcohol? You want to make them feel special by serving them more than just boring soda which they can have on any day.

Why not serve then these delicious alcohol – free mocktails? Check out the recipes below

13 Fizzy Easy Mocktails to Add Pizzaz to your Next Party


non-alcoholic margarita


But moody Aunt Maude or picky Uncle Peter may want a hot drink. Then mocktails won’t cut it with them. Here are 3 amazing hot drinks that will please the most difficult of guests.


3 hot drinks

3. Tasty Starters

Want a few recipes for classy, elegant appetizers? This post has recipes for a few tempting starters. A few vegan recipes are included as well.

12 Simple Appetizer Recipes to Impress your Guests this Christmas


2 starter ideas

4.Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas

For most people, Christmas would not be Christmas without a roast turkey and sides. But, there is a growing trend towards veganism and even vegetarianism. Just what do you serve vegans or vegetarians? You cannot expect them to eat the side dishes to the roast turkey.

Here are a few Vegan meal plans complete from starter to dessert. Just click on the pin image to get the simple recipes that will wow your vegan guests.


3-Course Vegan Christmas DinnerVegan dishes

5. Desserts

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a traditional trifle or pudding, right? But how about changing things this year and serving a few simple but unconventional desserts?

Here are 3 decadent desserts that will have your guests begging for seconds. Click the pin image to save to read later or get to the recipes:

SouthAfrican desserts | Sago pudding is a dessert that makes your tongue tingle. The only way to enjoy it is to savor it one spoonful at a time.SouthAfrican desserts | Malva pudding, the perfect warm pudding for cold winter evenings.SouthAfrican desserts | Roly Poly- a taste sensation that makes you glow n the inside. Perfect warm dessert for cold nights.


6. Christmas gift ideas

One major source of stress and anxiety is buying gifts for your loved ones. You want to find the perfect gift to show your love for them.

Here are a collection of gift ideas to inspire you to source gifts for everyone. Just click the link to get the gift ideas to choose from:

How to select the most unique Christmas gifts for loved ones


Unique and thoughtful gifts for busy moms


10 Fascinating Gifts for Teen Boys who love Sport and Tech


Christmas gifts and decorations

Your Turn

So there you have it. Your complete Christmas planning guide to take the stress and anxiety away.

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I  wish you a fabulous Christmas. and hope that your Christmas dinner becomes the talk of your family.








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