Thrive in tough times like hardy plants and become a better you

How to become a better you and be truly happy this year

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Do you want the best tools to become a better you in 2021?  

Maybe like me you found 2020 to be a long year of stress, anxiety and fear. Perhaps you battled with many challenges and struggled to hit reset after each one.

Or you may be at a crossroads and you’re dead keen to build new coping skills so you can tackle life’s hurdles. headon. To stop the despair, shame and guilt cycle dead in it’s tracks.

What you need is a toolkit that allows you to change your life for the better. So you can live a rich, fulfilling life on your own terms.

This post gives you a few ideas to become a better and stronger person. But be warned, this is not a quick fix. It takes hard work, discipline and focus but you can do it. 

This post contains affiliate links which means that I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend tools that I use and trust. You can read the full disclosure policy here.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Here are 5 practical ways to become a better you

The decision to change your life is not easy to make. Whatever the trigger, you have to invest the time to create a plan and take action to effect the change

1. Design your life plan

journaling my life plan to become a better person

Do you have a personal GPS for where you’re headed ?

You can map your life plan using the The Big 101 principle. I gleaned this gem from The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be by Jack Canfield, Janet Switzer

This is a lifechanging Master list of ‘101 things you want to do, be or see in your life’.

Create a wish list

This  is a fun exercise that has the power to totally transform your life.

Dream big and write up a bucket list of 101 of your wildest dreams and aspirations. No matter how incredible and outrageous the item may seem to you, just add it to your list. 

For instance, you may want to build a dream home on a private island, become the personal assistant to a celebrity you’ve long admired or start your own clothing label. 

They may seem impossible but who knows what the universe may grant you once you’ve voiced them.

Then, turn this wish list into a checklist. So you can check off each item as you achieve them.

Arms spread out in happiness at self improvement action

Just writing out your Big 101 is enough to inspire you to::

  • Reflect on your life goals
  • Stop living life on auto pilot
  • Risk taking on new challenges
  • Live life on your own terms

You now have the foundation to develop a plan to become a better you.

Set goals to make your Big 101 happen

This is where the hard work starts to be the best version of you.

Here is a simple process to follow to make that happen:

  • Select 2 or 3 items from your wishlist 
  • Turn each one into a SMART goal
  • Break the SMART goal into baby steps
  • Give the goal and each step a time frame
  • Get to work and flourish as you check off each step
  • Repeat for he next set of goals.

This sounds so easy to do but you may get overwhelmed.

If you need to be hand held through this process, I strongly recommend the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course.

This course teaches you how to set SMART goals and helps you create a plan to take action every single day to make those goals come true. You can read my review of the course here.

Get the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course here.

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The new you will soar like this bird/>

2. Love yourself

Are you guilty of sabotaging your life? Do you see yourself as a failure when you compare yourself to your high school friends? Are you riddled with bitterness, anger and disappointment at not being able to keep up?

Check out this YouTube video entitled 10 Signs You Lack Self Love to find out more:

Well, my friend, if this is the story of your life, you need to fully accept yourself as you are. 

Take responsibility for how your thoughts and actions maybe contributing to your dissatisfaction with your life

Stop the critical inner voice

Your flaws, whether real or not, have probably occupied canter stage in your life so far. What you need to do is accept them and work towards kicking them out. 

Below are ways to do this:

Deal with the aspects of yourself that you are unhappy with. 


First, write a few affirmations. If you’re new to this, affirmations are positive statements that you use to show yourself self love.

Here are a few self love affirmations to use:

  • I love and accept myself100%
  • I exude happiness and confidence
  • I am loved and trusted unconditionally
  • I have the skills to become a better me
  • I am worthy of compassion and kindness

Make  these affirmations work by repeating them out loud to yourself at least 3 times a day. Create a nice graphic for each one using a simple program like and use it as a wallpaper for your cell phone or computer. 

Self love skills

Empower yourself with the skills to turn your negatives into positives. You can find tons of help free on the internet to address and help you overcome anything.

Read blogs on sites like and to get great tools to become the best version of you.

Podcasts like i’ boost your productivity and time management.

Watch YouTube videos to start a side hustle to grow your income so you can stop struggling financially.

In short, get out there and find the key to unlock the powerful you that you have oppressed for so long.

3. Nurture your relationships 

One of the sacrificial lambs of a busy,  hectic life is your relationships. 

So often the mornings are marked by ‘don’t forget ….’ and ‘remember to …..’ and’ don’t be late for…..’ That personal connection with your family is missing in the morning hurry scurry .

Daily interactions with your loved ones

Why not choose to supercharge your daily interactions by encouraging the family to slow down, sit down to breakfast and ‘connect’ before they go off to work or school. This, of course, means that they will have to be more organized the night before to avoid the mad scramble in the morning.

Connect with your loved ones

It’s easy to cancel your coffee date with your best friend or to postpone date night with your spouse or your one one one date with your 16 year old  because you have a work meeting.

But, too much of this and you could be doing irrepairable damage to your relationships with the most important people in your life.

However, the untimely deaths of so many by the pandemic has forced us to learn that bonds with your loved ones are precious. So why not make time to noursish them while you still can?

Build new ways to connect

Start today to create opportunities to to unplug, reconnect and simply enjoy being together.

Follow this simple process:

  • Make a list of all the people you wish to spend more time with. 
  • Start a simple calendar
  • Insert the name of your ‘date’ 
  • Make the connections ‘quality time’ with interesting ideas
  • Extend invitations to your ‘dates’

Then, sit back and watch your relationships bloom and blossom. 

4. Practice Gratitude

Did you know that 10000 gratitude journals are listed on ?

Keeping a gratitude journal is very trendy today. But celebrities like Oprah Winfrey,Tony Robbins Erin Condren swear that their successes are due to giving thanks for all that they have.

Giving thanks daily helps you to be intentional in all that you do. It invites you to cut the frills and hone in what is important. 

So setting goals  inspires a dedicated action plan towards attaining them. There is a boost in creativity and productivity which in turn results in success. 

Benefits of gratitude

This article on states:

Numerous studies show that expressing and experiencing gratitude increases life satisfaction, vitality, hope, and optimism.

In summary, showing gratitude improves your mental and pyysical health:

  • Lowers stress
  • Boosts positivity
  • Births kindness and compassion
  • Inceases happiness

How to keep a gratitude journal

Here’s a handy guide to start a gratitude practice:

  • Invest in a gratitude journal that inspires you
  • Set aside 5 – 10 minutes at the same time every day to develop a gratitude habit
  •  Reflect and list 3 – 5 things that you’re grateful for

Gratitude journal prompts
If you’re in need of inspiration to start your gratitude practice, here are a few prompts to respond to:: 

  • List 3 loving gestures your kids showed you today
  • Describe a random act of kindness that a neighbour exhibited towards you
  • What are you grateful for about your partner?
  • List 3 things you are happy about in the neightborhood you live in
  • What in the world of nature fills you with awe and gratitude?

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5. Challenge yourself

An awesome fun way to become a better you is to engage in activities to try new things. In other words, get out of your cosy comfort zone.

What is a comfort zone

A comfort zone is defined in Definitions from Oxford Languages as:

a situation in which you feel comfortable and you do not have to do anything new or difficult: in your/out of your comfort zone Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

Why you need to challenge your comfort zone

If your current routine is predictable, you probably feel safe and you may conclude that it works for you.

But, if you don’t change things up, you are actually limiting yourself to a dreary sameness and ultimately boredom and misery strike. 

If you dare to challenge yourself to try new things, you will:

  • learn new skills
  • discover new passions
  • become more interesting and comfident
  • develop a growth mindset
  • boost your decision making skills
  • have greater focus and discipline

Ways to challenge yourself

Join an online class

There are online classes for any and everything from knitting to digital marketing to blogging.

An online class whether it’s cooking or yoga allows you to ‘lose’  yourself in ta creative activity.

It also results in the release of the feel good hormones which leads to greater happiness and fulfilment. 

Improve your fitness

Start training for a 5km road race and invite your family to join you. What a unique bonding opportunity for your family.

Get a personal trainer and work on a special program to get you into good physical shape.

Begin a daily exercise class whether it’s on YouTube or a local health club.

All of these work out suggestions help you to destress and therefore feel good about your life again.

Try email challenges to change your life

Email challenges are a great way to change things up. They consist of email lessons with short exercises to implement. They often result in important life changes. 

Here are 4 challenges that you can start right now:

5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children


Reconnect Your Family With The Great Outdoors

Crazy Effective 5-Day Decluttering Challenge for Quick Wins

Sign up and slowly change your life for the better in the comfort of your own home. 

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Final thoughts on the key ways become a better you in the new year

So that’s 5 ways to become a new you so that you embrace life wholeheartedly on your own terms.

Give them a try to give your life a makeover. 

Do you have any tips to share on how to become a better person ? Share them in the comments below.

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