How the 12 Week Growth Strategy Course Boosted my Productivity

Is working from home frustrating you?

Do you have a long blogging To Do List that you battle to complete everyday?

Do you often lose hours scrolling through your Pinterest or Facebook feeds?

Do you feel as if you’re always playing Catch -up?

This is what happened to me. I saw no progress with my blog although I worked at it all the time.

But then, I took a short, wallet friendly course that boosted my productivity almost overnight.

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This is an honest review of the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course that is guaranteed to make you super productive in one week or less.

About Kim Anderson, the course creator

Kim is the humble and friendly blogger behind the Just Keep Blogging podcast and the Thrifty Little Mom blog.

She is also a successful business coach and hosts several mentored retreats each year.

Her popular podcast course has new podcasters striving to mimic Kim’s winning formula of humility and helpfulness.

Kim has been so successful that she has even retired her husband from his job.

This course is for you if you:

  • Create detailed goals and plans that you never accomplish
  • Feel overwhelmed about how to create a work routine for each day
  • Need to develop a framework to see progress and success with your business
  • Work from home and need to improve your daily productivity

This course is not for you if you:

  • Are a seasoned and successful blogger
  • Have a great work routine
  • Work from home with great discipline
  • Have already turned your blog into a business

My Experience with the 12 Week Growth Strategy Course

When I started this course, I had a domain and the desire to start a blog. I knew nothing at all about blogging let alone making money from my blog.

I had 2 simple goals for the year:

  • To educate myself about blogging topics
  • To increase my blog content from 0 to something

This was no easy feat for me. I was not techy at all and I had to unlearn the formal academic writing style I had been teaching my students for a long time.

But, I created a checklist of blogging topics to study and worked through them using the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course.

If you’re a new blogger, this is a resource you need to slay overwhelm for good. You can sign up below to get it:

Today, I have 72 published posts on my blog and have successfully guest posted . I also do Freelance Writing and offer a Keyword Research Service for new bloggers.

You can read all about my blogging journey in this post.

More on the impact on my personal life later.

The 12 Week Growth Strategy Course Pinterest Pin 1

About the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course

This course is based on setting SMART goals that not only look beautiful on your Canva printable but also gets you to take action every single day to make those goals come true.

If you need a refresher on SMART goals, read this post.

The 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course starts with the basics. Kim:

  • Encourages you to find your why
  • Helps you to understand and accept that there will be problems
  • Shows you how to cope with challenges

The big plus for me with this course is that Kim totally gets the mind of the blogger. How we’re so easily distracted by FB groups, for example, and how we’re so busy helping others, that we neglect our own businesses.

So, to make this course work for you, you have to change your mindset. Be a little selfish and focus on yourself and your business for the duration of 12 weeks.

How to Work through this Course

This is a seemingly short course that you could easily read over in 2 to 3 hours.

  • Spend about 45 minutes reading the course material to get an overview
  • Set aside a time block of about 3 hours to work on the course each day
  • Work systematically through the course to see progress – it is a step by step course

Structure of the Course

Each lesson is a step with printable worksheets where necessary.

What makes this course unique is the LISTEN & LEARN Audio after each lesson.

The Course Outline

Please take your time to work through each step of the course. The worksheets especially in Steps 1 and 2 are designed to get you to do some deep thinking about your work habits and your goals for your blog.

Step 1: Understand the Five Reasons Why Bloggers Don’t Make Forward Progress

Step 2: How to Own Your Own Success

Step 3: Plan to Succeed or Get By: Why Both Are Okay

Step 4: Create Your Process

Step 5: Create Your Own Goals

Step 6: Divide and Conquer

Step 7: Yo’self

Step 8: Consider whether you need Accountability

Step 9: Just keep blogging

How I Worked through the Course

Kim gives a weekly plan in the course but here’s my daily plan to give you an idea of what to do to be consistently productive almost on autopilot.

Here’s how I worked through the course for my Quarter 1 planning:

I created a Trello board called Quarter 1 Goals. Then I listed the 4 goals to work through.

My GOAL 1 was to make $100 a month through my Freelance Writing Service and Affiliate marketing. I had already created detailed processes to follow for each one.

I broke these down further into steps to follow each day:

Day 1

  • Research 2 – 3 affiliate programs in my niche
  • Identify Parenting magazines/blogs to cold pitch fora paid guest post
  • Identify a product to review

Day 2

  • Sign up for the affiliate programs
  • Write a pitch and email it the magazine/blog
  • Product review draft


  • Insert the affiliate links into relevant posts
  • Write a pitch and email it the magazine/blog
  • Product review edits, images, upload to WP

I repeated this process for the rest of the 12 week period. This system allowed me to take action daily to meet that financial goal instead of wasting time reading income reports of top bloggers and trying to apply their info to my blog.

Did I meet the goal using this strategy? Absolutely!

Bonus content

Kim offers several bonuses to support you through this course.

  • Blog & Email Editorial Calendar in Trello
  • 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Trello Tutorial
  • 12-Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Planner
  • 12- Week Blog Growth Strategy Printable Blog Post Process
  • Kim’s Printable Processes

What I Loved about this Course

It shows you how to develop a strong work ethic in the limited time you have by:– —

  • blocking off time to blog
  • creating processes
  • setting SMART realistic and achievable goals
  • creating mini goals
  •  creating an Editorial calendar for your blog posts and newsletters

This is the only course I have taken several times – at least at the beginning of each quarter.

So, if you want to be more organized as a blogger, this is hands down a course your must buy. 

The skills you acquire in this course are easily transferable to other areas of your life. I use it for meal planning, decluttering and even planning a family vacation. I even use a pared down version of it when I blog for an hour at a time.


Motivation from Kim

I have taken these words directly from the course as they are so powerful:

No matter what happens to you, you have to take the reins, ditch the excuses and just make stuff happen instead of letting it just happen to you.

Be a succeeder—– not a victim

Your Turn

This course is $49 and is available all year. This is the best $49 I have ever spent. If you battle with stress and overwhelm and feel like you are blogging on the spot, this is the one course you need to get to succeed. It is a worthy investment and one you will never regret.

Get the 12 Week Blog Growth Strategy Course here.

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